Happy birthday Mother India

A India gears up for the 67th Independence day, the political goons are are geared up to divide the country in parts again. If we go into the flashback, India was rather a molecule of loosely bonded Kingdoms which led foreign invasion of India. It was Sardar patel who did the work of integrating 562+ princely states as one nation. The nation we love. The nation we call Mother India.

In recent times we have been noticing a lot of uneasiness in the country. What is bothering me is the division of states into smaller ones. Few years back we had 25 states and then 3 new were formed making the total count 28. Now that Telangana has been considered, there is a list of states demanded. viz;

  • Saurashtra -Gujarat
  • Bundelkhand – MP & UP
  • Dimaraji– Nagaland
  • Delhi
  • Gorkhaland– West bengal
  • Harit Pradesh & Purvanchal– UP
  • Kongunadu– Tamilnadu
  • Kosal– Odisha
  • Mithila– Bihar and Jharkhand
  • Tulunadu -Kerala & karnataka
  • Vidarbha – Maharashtra
  • Vindhya Pradesh– MP
  • Kukiland– Manipur

16 new states. In would be such a pain to study these all and their capitals. 😛 . So many new IPL teams will be introduced and IPL will become a 3 months long tournament. Jokes apart, we are going back to the square one. Most of these states want the divisions on the basis of languages. India has around 1600 spoken languages. Yes a whopping 1600.These changes might not affect any of you or me. Nothing will change for us. We will continue living and life will go on. But this will definitely affect India as whole. These protests if turn violent, will only cause loss of lives. My question is , do we really need so many different states in India? I fear this would create a sense of inequality among citizens. We already suffer THE GREAT INDIAN RESERVATION SYSTEM, the SMALL STATES will be an add on to it. If you give it a thought, the whole picture looks quite bizarre and chaotic.

The kind of economic crank we are going through for now, these states will only add costs which will have numbers in hundred-thousand crores which will be levied on you and me. The money which would go in setup could be utilised for the development of these areas as most of these areas want developement of themselves. The infrastructure and service development across different sectors is possible without this divide and rule policy.

Can the political parties go ahead and think beyond politics ? Can development and betterment of states be priority over taking credit and defaming others? Its wait and watch for us for now.india_galance