What are you gonna do with your time this Vacation : Vellapanti or Wise Investment?

I happened to meet my cousins recently. They are in to schools. All done with their exams. All bored and TV, PC and cellphones are their timepass materials. On an average they spend 6-8 hours on these materials daily. I was SHOCKED..!!

Next I happened to meet some people who are done with  SSC/HSSC/ or undergraduate exams. Everyone was too BORED. With 500+ TV channels and zillions of other things to do, they were bored.

What exactly is BOREDOM and how to deal with it?

Boredom: Is that state of mind where an individual is left without anything in particular to do, and not interested in their surroundings. People say they wanna do something and when you suggest them things, they are TOO bored to do it.  What a waste.

Be a Pre-Planner:   Most of the people don’t see this coming and so never plan things. Its always good to anticipate situations and plan out things.  Life is too short and time you have for yourself  is very less. Decide how are going to make use of the little time you have at hand.

Social Networking:  No I don’t mean Facebook or Twitter here. There is a new social network. its called OUTSIDE. Go out for walk, run, jog. Meet new people, people you know already. Speak with them. Why t would you want to be virtual when you could be real?

Go out trip/tour: Rejuvenate. Go out of station with yourself.  Know yourself better. Keep your gadget usage minimum. Discover the place you are at. Learn about their culture , people and ya if you love to cook, you may learn local specialties as well.  Know your strengths , fight your fears.

Join A social Cause: Surprise..!!! Liking pictures about disabled on Facebook doesn’t make any REAL difference in their lives.  They don’t even know that someone is misusing their pictures for  marketing gimmicks. Nor does clicking pictures of dirty roads, overflowing garbage bins and uploading on Facebook does. Some pseudo intellects would comment over it and forget it.  Be a part of social causes. Join hands with local NGOs and take up cleaning process, go to slums around you and teach the kids out there with projects like Teach for India or anything that makes difference to society in a better manner.

Spend time with Family:  Staying  at home and being with family are two DIFFERENT things.  boards and pre college exams keeps you busy. When  you are done with that, sit with parents, talk to your siblings play games with them. Go for family dinner or plan a picnic with them. Make them feel happy. They love you unconditionally. There is no hard in showing some gratitude though. 🙂

Take up a short assignment: If you have nothing to do during vacations, take a part time job or work somewhere as an intern. This will shape you up. You will know how skilled are you practically. This will also teach you new things. You will make some money as well 😉 ;P

Read: I’m not referring to Cosmo here. Read books of different genre.  Read fiction , read biography ; thriller . Reading improves your ability to think rationally. It gives knowledge and also kills boredom.

I have kept my favorite for the end.

LEARN: I like to emphasis this point all the time. Learn. Learn anything you wish to. Cooking, singing ,dancing, swimming, writing, yoga, photography, videography. Goal is to invest the time wisely while acquiring knowledge and gaining satisfaction out of what you do.

So what are you doing this vacation? Vellapanti or Wise Investment?