Focusing on being Focused

Yesterday, I received a call from my friend working at an MNC. While we were talking, I came to know he had been given bad ratings in his appraisal. He probably was lacking the FOCUS.

FOCUSING simply means selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment around you. It is very important to be focused all the time in today’s environment. One mistake and it can tarnish your hard work done till day. We today live in a world that is full of competition; constant and fierce.

I personally feel there are 3 stages where one should be ultra focused apart from your regular tenure in company.

First is when you join a new organisation:- For every organisation has its definite set of rules which will not be the same as your previous organisation if you have been working before. If you have work experience from the past, the new employer would definitely have an eye on you to see if you really live up to their expectations.

It’s time for appraisal.
During your appraisal all your work is audited and you are either promoted, demoted or given incentives. So even if you are lagging behind before the appraisal , focus and finish pending tasks.

Time to say goodbye
It is noticed that once people resign and are on notice period they usually lose interest in job. They attend the work for the sake of it and finish days that they are serving as notice period. As a professional one should work till last day in the organisation explaining new joinee or replacement all riles and responsibilities he or she would handle when they take your role. This will prevent them from calling you after you leave for the work related to organisation. (On a side note you still have to collect your experience letter and dues from HR so dont lose focus ) 😉