Illusion, Eternity and Fire

After excusing himself from Maya, Aagney sat at the bank playing his flute. He had learnt this from the tribal people in the jungle. All the creatures around him were enjoying this music. Waters of Ganges were rhythmically dancing to his flute. They saw him. It was the same pair of eyes which had been following him since yesterday. Not that he was unaware of being followed; he wanted the person to present themselves. The follower was coming from behind. He was engrossed around this time so much that he did not realize the arrival. The follower was also approaching with lightening fast speed making sure at the same time that they are not seen or heard. Suddenly Aagney stopped playing. Follower became conscious.

“What brings you here Kalki?” he asked without turning back.
“It’s you”; she said almost hissing.
“I doubt it’s about me Kalki.” He said very calmly turning towards her.
“You very well know what bring me here His Highness” She said, now with irritation.

Kalki was a young beautiful woman from northern region of India. She was white than fair. She had eyes of a deer; very lovely and humble. Inked at various visible parts of her body; made her irresistible to men around her. Her family was one of the very few remaining loyal to Aagney’s family. She had vowed to protect the last heir of Suryanshis to her father who had given his life to save the nobility.

Aagney glared at her. She immediately stepped back and apologized. He was a royal heir after all. He hated being addressed like that especially because they had grown up as friends. His family that now lived a simple life in a hideout had arranged for him to go and stay abroad on security grounds. He instead chose to live in India itself. He left the house at the age of 15 and since then had been living a loner life studying and absorbing cultural diversities of India. Since his ancestors once ruled this stretch, we was well aware of the area and also the consequences of he had to be found by his foes. He had been traced and attacked couple of times but managed to survive every time. He disguised every now and then. He wasn’t accessible to anyone more than often. Only Kalki was allowed to be around him, sometimes. She was a heck of a warrior and spent her time learning new skills mastering them and keeping tabs on Agni, what she fondly called him.

“You know very well that you shouldn’t be friendly to intruders. Last time we let them in our lives, we only suffered.” She said swallowing hard.

“Kalki, whoever has come in after that incident, has been killed. It’s been decades now and you know that. Jungle rules are different than those set by the Government. If Maya is still alive, it means she has something to do with jungle, with me. May be she’s the key of gaining our legacy back. Besides best way to find out her intensions to come here, is to be with her. And as a ground rule, A Suryanshi cannot deny to help the needy.”

“Has she mentioned to you why is she here?”
“Her father has told her of the Yogi’s legend. She seeks to meet him. She also said she gets vision about Himalayas.”
“Do you believe her? If that is true….” She left rest for Agni to understand.
“Let the time decide that”
“I will be accompanying you. No arguments there.”

High highness nodded in agreement. Maya saw them from distance as she walked towards them. She could figure out that the two knew each other. As she reached them, Agni introduced the ladies. Both greeted each other with a formal smile, though Maya could sense reluctance in Kalki’s approach. Agni smiled. Illusion meeting eternity was a delightful sight to watch.

“Maya, Kalki will accompany us.” He said point blank. Maya somehow did not want someone else to join them. She had however no reason to deny. She nodded.

“Kalki, we train Maya with basics today and tomorrow we set for Benares.” Maya could see her guide transforming into leader all of a sudden. She made a mental note of it. She knew it wasn’t going to be an easy day for her. But as determined she was, she always wanted a worthy and not easy life. Kalki remembered her Guru and started training Maya.

‘See you soon, Assi’. Exclaimed Aagney as he started collecting necessities to kick start their journey to Benares.

(To be continued)