The Chase Begins

It was a busy day at Dalal Street. Sun was in no mood to be merciful. At the end of the street was an old Irani café. The generally busy café was little less busy at this point of time. The market would close in next 40 minutes and then be closed for several days due to festive season. Street brokers were busy making final biddings.  A man was sitting there on a rickety chair fiddling with the phone and looking outside the window as if was awaiting someone. Just then another person entered the café. KK had chosen this place intentionally. This was the same place from where he had begun his career as a street broker and had gone ahead to become one of the big-guns in share market. He straight away walked to the person sitting at the rickety table. The visitor looked at KK and got up to exchange greetings.

“I’m not here for formalities Ajatshatru. Can you give tell me some concrete news at least this time? It has been 12 years you’ve been on this assignment and you haven’t given me any news so far. In case you can’t do my job, stop wasting mine and your time.” He said screaming slowly.

“This time I’ve spotted him..; well most certainly.” Ajat replied. KK narrowed his eyes, shook his head in disappointment and was almost ready to leave the place. Ajat however continued speaking. “If my information is not wrong, they have left for Varanasi and will be reaching there in couple days.” KK sat back with double the speed and signaled Ajat to continue. KK spotted THEY instead if HE in Ajat’s statement.

“I’m surprised that in this world of technology also, you haven’t been able to find him for once Ajat. Never mind, tell me what about Varanasi?” He looked straight into his eyes and questioned.

“KK, you have given me picture of a 15 year old boy 12 years back.” He snapped. “Anyway, that kid has left for Varanasi and he’s been accompanied by two girls.” KK’s brain started working at lightning speed. “If I’m not mistaken, one of them is royal loyal Kakli. Who could that other lady be?” Ajat nodded in agreement and said “I’m trying to find out who is the other lady.

KK took out his phone and instructed someone over a call. Then he turned towards Ajatshatru who was looking at him in anticipation and said; “This entire thing is however is based on if, but and most certainly. For heaven’s sake , pray that this information is correct , cause wrong one will definitely cause damage to you.” Ajat could feel his spine chill. KK tipped Ajat and left.

His mind was working at super speed now. Next whole week market was going to be closed. In this case he could easily reach Varanasi and get Agni before anyone else. Kalki’s presence symbolized that Agni’s parents were aware of his whereabouts. He decided to take a chance though. ‘It’s time we meet, HIS HIGHNESS Agney Suryanshi’ he murmured and proceeded towards airport.

“Exactly two days later, we shall be at Assi by 5 PM” Agni said plainly. “Holy Ganga, be merciful” Kalki prayed. Maya just looked at them with a smile. She however feeling uneasy inside. They continued the journey. They did not have slightest idea of what was awaiting for them at Benaras.