100 Healthy Weeks

Today’s time is a constant competition time. All of us compete with each other and our selves to have a richer, more comforting and luxurious lifestyle. Corporates hire employees who will work their asses off to get better numbers than others for some extra salary.  In this whole rat race, most of us forget to focus ourselves. Those who focus, mainly on appearance and not on complete well being.

I was falling into a different category. The one who was not very much concerned about appearance not complete well being. I knew I should but say I was being lazy and busy. Making a few extra bucks mattered more than shredding some extra pounds. Then there the D Day. I felt itch in the throat and before I knew I was down with fever 101. It took me good week to recover and that’s when 100 Healthy weeks was thought of. If we can be whatever we desire to, why not be healthy?

It’s been a week since the project is on. So fare I have walked around 35000 steps and burnt 1500 calories.

Day starts around 6:15 and by 6:30 I start with light cardio. (exercises are pushups, high jumps, squats, butterfly etc ) Back workout is gonna be essence of Feb for me to develop stronger back. 30 minutes of Cardio followed by walk on the beach for another 30 (trust me its so god-damn fun) and then 30 minutes of Yoga.

  • I feel difference already. Focus at work is improved. I dont feel like munching every hour now.
  • my palms twitch less to check my phone every time it beeps.

I also made a few changes in food I eat.  Less carbs and lot of leafy veggies and fibres. Cut down on sugar and caffeine. Effect was immediate.  I wake up all fresh and do not feel dehydrated any more.

There are 99 more to come. Lets be healthy. Keep your suggestions coming. 🙂