New Year, New Me. Seriously?

2016 will end in a matter of time. We all are gearing up to welcome 2017 with a lot of zeal. This year has been a year of ups and downs. We have lost some acclaimed people and have found some new too. New friends are connected in life. Those so called FOREVER friends are nowhere to be seen.

Like every year a lot of these “My goal for 2017 is to accomplish 2016 goals which I planned in 2015.” Memes are making rounds these days about clichéd and hyped NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS. The real joke is on us. We always make gym resolutions which we break within first week of January. Health is constantly neglected while collecting wealth. Then we end up spending that extra earned money at doctors. We plan the solo trip to mountains or sand dunes but always procrastinate over something. While I sit and pen these words down, many of our friends have got their start ups up and running. Someone is a travel blogger, another is fashion blogger. Many others I know are doing what they dreamt of doing.

A common thing between all these people is that they did not wait for New Year to realize their dreams. They had an aim in mind. Every single action was towards fulfilling that goal. Everyday day of their life. I’m sure you as well have many such friends and people you know of. Plan, explore and execute. Do what makes you happy. Responsibilities will always be there. Take out time for yourself from your schedule and dedicate it towards your own development. You cannot bring back the time that is gone. What you still have is the time that is yet to come. Take that solo trip you’ve always wanted to take. Read the book you have in your to read list. Express your feelings to your loved ones.

Let the coming time be the best time of your life. Happy New Year!!