​Palace of Assassins

I usually don’t read mythology on a regular basis, for if it’s not written in a catchy manner, can ruin your reading experience. The best I’ve read so far is Shiva Trilogy. Aditya Iyenger in Palace of Assassins has made a good attempt to narrate. The book comes nowhere close to that of Amish but worth your time.

We are usually told tales of happy ending of those who win. As a child, Mahabharata on TV ended with Pandavas winning the war. What about the ones who lost? The ones who were left alive and yet far from living. Book sheds life on one such character from the great saga of Mahabharata, the great Ashwathamma. Story starts where the war ends. Author takes you to a timeline of a man who has lost everything, tries killing self after the war but is horrified when he realizes he is immortal and a leper. He’s saved, nursed and taken care of by someone he doesn’t know and expects nothing in return. He eventually falls in love with her and is ready to kill more people for her. However his instincts don’t allow him anymore killings. He turns against people he collaborated with, who had kidnapped his lover. Many portions of the books make you introspect. I was left wondering about so many things about me. Author lets your imagination work rather than giving it all out to you.

Aditya has made a brave attempt at telling the story of a misunderstood antagonist. He also has made perfect blend of mythology and history. However, does not match the description at the Back cover. Title also did not stand the story. It ends giving you a clear indication of a sequel. 


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