Nirvana Ashram

It was 4 AM. Dark and chilly. Few moments before the dawn. Beetles and other insects too were quiet around this time of the night. Few people were walking along the course of the Ganges, indifferent to the spine chilling weather. It was their routine. Rudra glanced at sky once and realised they would still make it before sunrise to the Ashram. Without a word, he kept going.


Nirvana Ashram was a home for countless number of people. There was no rich, no poor, no black no white. There were no idols of worship. Aghora baba lived by and had taught everyone but one principle; “Aham Brahmasmi” or “I am the Infinite Reality“. Whenever the people felt tired and lost hope, they would to walk into Nirvana Ashram. It was open to anyone who could reach there on their own feet. Aghora baba, was a legend according to many. No One had seen him in last 50 years. Many feared him dead but none could say that in front of Mahakaal, current supreme of the Ashram. He never claimed that position but was most cherished person in the Ashram. No One knew his real name or his birthplace or for that fact of matter his age. Mahakaal believed in complete well-being. His chiseled body, calm as ever face were evident of the same.


They have arrived”, said Mimansa in a low tone as she entered his wooden cabin. “Send someone to summon them for the morning routines.”

“Are you sure about it? They must have been tired,  have been traveling continuously for a few days now. Some rest is required.”

“Everything else can wait. This is really important” said Kaal, stroking Mimansa’s chin. She was going to say something in protest but he silenced her with a deep passionate kiss. They broke the kiss before the things slipped off from their hands.

“The sun is about to rise, I’d better get going” she said and left the room with a smile on her face. Kaal adjusted his clothes and started preparing for Nitya-kriya, shifting his focus from the passionate love making with Mimansa the previous night.


At Nirvana Ashram, nature was considered supreme. Every individual staying at the Ashram followed the routine of bathing in the Ganges followed by Surya-Pooja, worship of the mighty sun. This followed an hour of physical activities and ended with meditation. People then engaged into activities like cleaning , introspection and anything else that suited them.


Rudra and his men appeared in front of Mahakaal  within a few minutes and offered namaskara. He smiled and signaled them to follow him for the rituals. “Tell me what is happening?” asked Kaal after the rituals. When Rudra finished narrating him the whole story, Kaal was already out his seat and ready to move. Rudra realized that he had underestimated the situation at hand and followed Kaal in silent.




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