Teenage Diaries :- Review


Teenage is a very wonderful yet a very much confusing period of life. You step out of child zone and have to spend good five years of adolescent before you get labeled as an adult. When I was growing up, I wanted to be the centre of attraction. I wanted to be liked, feared and awed by people. When you are from a Gujarati middle class family, you are at the epitome of what seems to stereotype to others but a part of your life.

When I felt that I had left my teenage behind and was living a full on adult life, someone reminded me of that phase again. I stumbled upon a wonderful book by the name Teenage Diaries by Saurabh Sharma. Set in the pretext of Baroda of Gujarat, this book is a story about a guy by the name Ghanshyam. Yes, middle class guy with middle class name. The story starts with birth and rapidly takes you teenage. The pace slows down there. And it is necessary. Some places I felt I was sitting there witnessing things happening in front of my eyes, thanks to a good narration. A thing I love about fiction I that it takes you to a superficial world and gives you an opportunity to live with that character or even be that character.

Anyway, coming back to the book, story has more than one turning point. Right from an under-confident Ghanshyam falling for a girl to receiving reciprocation and then pushed away by the same girl for reasons best known to her, it keeps your interest glued to the book. Second turning point comes when Ghanshaym tops the boards and meets new friends who go on to become his lifeline and create a GK out of Ghanshyam. Incidents that change his life completely and dramatically are narrated very well.

The book speaks of teenage romance, infatuations, adrenaline rush, forbidden fantasies coming true and a lot more things. I wish I had such a life; or at least a part of it. Saurabh has omitted unnecessary detailing wherever possible. Language kept is very simple. It strikes every chord right. I really liked the way book ends with a subtle to be continued hint.

A fresh perspective in Indian fiction genre where endless people are writing only about college life, breakups, hookups, flings and meaningless sex.  Very good attempt for first time author.


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