The Shrine of Death: Review


Indian mythology is an amazing subject to explore. India has so rich history of temples, shrines, hidden gems, folklore that leaves me amazed. After success of Amish’s trilogy lot of authors have started using it as a shortcut to success. Everyone was just writing Ramyan not Ramayana or Mahabharat again not Mahanbharata in short manner or was giving an alternative take to it. In such time, Divya’s book The Shrine of Death came as breath of fresh air.

First thing things first. The cover is very catchy. It makes you wanna pick up the book. 332 pages of the book waste no time in thank you notes and dedications. Now the book, severely impressed by the writing style of Divya. You don’t feel as if you are reading a first timer. The style of writing is greatly influenced by the west and yet words are not Tharoorised.  She has done her research well. Though this book has an element of mythology, it is a thriller and revolves entirely around protagonists. There are hardly any characters in the book who aren’t relevant. A few moments here and there too could be cut out. But hey, they still keep you intrigued

The Shrine of death is a story of a girl Sneha who goes missing while doing her PhD about ancient idols and 10th century kingdom. Her friend Prabha, an IT professional who believes in 9 to 5 office job always finds herself a misfit in the family of  anthropologist father, alternate medicine practitioner mother & death metal band member brother. She prefers the life of stability, financial security and simplicity. Something her family describes as boring. Prabha‘s life change when she receives a call form her friend Sneha just a day before she goes missing. With have left job and for the sake of their friend, Prabha decides to go looking for her friend. The one from whom she walked away years back as a punishment of hurting her family.

Along the path, she meets one Jai Vadhera a colleague of Sneha who has a very odd vibe and strange behavior. Her search for her friend leads her to places she would have never gone otherwise. In the journey she ends up putting her own and her friends’ live in danger. She finds the love of her life. She discovers that life is much more than financial security and coding. The journey gives a new edge to her life.

My review, 4.5 on 5. Kudos to Bloomsbury and Divya.


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