Rain Romance

The connection between them was but obvious.
He visited momentarily, flirted with her stroking her hair, and gently kissing her face whenever he could.

She responded with quiet shy smile.
Things were only getting hotter.

Temperatures soared. He was more than eager to be all over her. She too was ready with her arms wide open.

One fine night, they met and united.
There was a moment of thunder.. followed by calm tender love.

Poeple celebrated the union.
Monsoon had finally arrived….

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Sometimes I Wish

Sometimes, I wish to be a nobody.
I wish to lose my identity, my name.
I wish to lose everything one can claim.

All I wish to do is to travel with breeze & flow freely; take any form & any shape.
Be sunshine and reach the fields.
Be rain and lash all over the earth.
Be soil and welcome the rains.

I wanna have no shape no form.
I wanna make the whole universe my home.