Teenage Diaries :- Review


Teenage is a very wonderful yet a very much confusing period of life. You step out of child zone and have to spend good five years of adolescent before you get labeled as an adult. When I was growing up, I wanted to be the centre of attraction. I wanted to be liked, feared and awed by people. When you are from a Gujarati middle class family, you are at the epitome of what seems to stereotype to others but a part of your life.

When I felt that I had left my teenage behind and was living a full on adult life, someone reminded me of that phase again. I stumbled upon a wonderful book by the name Teenage Diaries by Saurabh Sharma. Set in the pretext of Baroda of Gujarat, this book is a story about a guy by the name Ghanshyam. Yes, middle class guy with middle class name. The story starts with birth and rapidly takes you teenage. The pace slows down there. And it is necessary. Some places I felt I was sitting there witnessing things happening in front of my eyes, thanks to a good narration. A thing I love about fiction I that it takes you to a superficial world and gives you an opportunity to live with that character or even be that character.

Anyway, coming back to the book, story has more than one turning point. Right from an under-confident Ghanshyam falling for a girl to receiving reciprocation and then pushed away by the same girl for reasons best known to her, it keeps your interest glued to the book. Second turning point comes when Ghanshaym tops the boards and meets new friends who go on to become his lifeline and create a GK out of Ghanshyam. Incidents that change his life completely and dramatically are narrated very well.

The book speaks of teenage romance, infatuations, adrenaline rush, forbidden fantasies coming true and a lot more things. I wish I had such a life; or at least a part of it. Saurabh has omitted unnecessary detailing wherever possible. Language kept is very simple. It strikes every chord right. I really liked the way book ends with a subtle to be continued hint.

A fresh perspective in Indian fiction genre where endless people are writing only about college life, breakups, hookups, flings and meaningless sex.  Very good attempt for first time author.


Nirvana Ashram

It was 4 AM. Dark and chilly. Few moments before the dawn. Beetles and other insects too were quiet around this time of the night. Few people were walking along the course of the Ganges, indifferent to the spine chilling weather. It was their routine. Rudra glanced at sky once and realised they would still make it before sunrise to the Ashram. Without a word, he kept going.


Nirvana Ashram was a home for countless number of people. There was no rich, no poor, no black no white. There were no idols of worship. Aghora baba lived by and had taught everyone but one principle; “Aham Brahmasmi” or “I am the Infinite Reality“. Whenever the people felt tired and lost hope, they would to walk into Nirvana Ashram. It was open to anyone who could reach there on their own feet. Aghora baba, was a legend according to many. No One had seen him in last 50 years. Many feared him dead but none could say that in front of Mahakaal, current supreme of the Ashram. He never claimed that position but was most cherished person in the Ashram. No One knew his real name or his birthplace or for that fact of matter his age. Mahakaal believed in complete well-being. His chiseled body, calm as ever face were evident of the same.


They have arrived”, said Mimansa in a low tone as she entered his wooden cabin. “Send someone to summon them for the morning routines.”

“Are you sure about it? They must have been tired,  have been traveling continuously for a few days now. Some rest is required.”

“Everything else can wait. This is really important” said Kaal, stroking Mimansa’s chin. She was going to say something in protest but he silenced her with a deep passionate kiss. They broke the kiss before the things slipped off from their hands.

“The sun is about to rise, I’d better get going” she said and left the room with a smile on her face. Kaal adjusted his clothes and started preparing for Nitya-kriya, shifting his focus from the passionate love making with Mimansa the previous night.


At Nirvana Ashram, nature was considered supreme. Every individual staying at the Ashram followed the routine of bathing in the Ganges followed by Surya-Pooja, worship of the mighty sun. This followed an hour of physical activities and ended with meditation. People then engaged into activities like cleaning , introspection and anything else that suited them.


Rudra and his men appeared in front of Mahakaal  within a few minutes and offered namaskara. He smiled and signaled them to follow him for the rituals. “Tell me what is happening?” asked Kaal after the rituals. When Rudra finished narrating him the whole story, Kaal was already out his seat and ready to move. Rudra realized that he had underestimated the situation at hand and followed Kaal in silent.



Banoffee Pie- A Journey

                                                              She begins the Journey 

“So what’s your story?” she asked him. The night had spread itself across mother earth and for some reason she felt night was moving ahead with very slow speed today. It was very obvious for her to feel so. It was just the beginning of the 2nd Phase** of the night and the jungle looked darkest. It would be at least 08 hours before the dawn. It was her first attempt to break the silence that prevailed between them since seven hours now. In fact he had not spoken since he met her in the Jungles on the banks of Ganges. After she lost her way, she kept walking with help the technique her father had taught her, to figure out sound of flowing water and progress towards it. This was a little tricky one as water sounds in jungle’s maze; echo, often misleading the traveler. But she, she was different. She was nature’s daughter like her father would often call her. She always wondered why, but never asked her father and he in return never felt it was necessary to tell her. In fact it was a secret he hid from the entire world…..!!!

HE was gazing at the sky. Dark. Full of stars; and clear. It was new moon night that made the sky more beautiful. They were sitting by the fire. He now had some emotions in his eyes. Though, she couldn’t read them. She looked at him in anticipation of answer. “I…” have no story.” He spoke after a long pause. “I’m just a wanderer. I wander around on the banks of Ganges to the feet of Himalayas.” Her eyes twinkled as she heard this. Her decision of asking help from him was not wrong. Himalayas was where exactly she wanted to go. “I want to go there. Will you take me there?” She asked. She immediately regretted asking this question. Though they walked for almost 7 hours together she barely knew him. Since they had met, and she had asked him way ahead, he had started walking directing her to follow him. She was little skeptical but decided to go with her instinct.

“Why do you want to go there?” He asked; his voice almost stern. “I have heard many stories about that place. The stories just pull me there like magnet does to iron. There is a legend my dad told me about. He says there at the foot of Himalayas, lives man who knows the secret of life. No one is however is sure about it.”

He looked at her through fire and said….

(To be continued)