Generation Us : RICH & Unhappy

We have actually forgotten what happiness feel likes, in a mad run trying to pursue it.


As a child, my holidays comprised of cousins coming over with us playing in house games during afternoons and physical games in the evening. Parents took us for a picnic once or twice during the whole vacation as and when they could manage time. Life was simple back then. We played card games, hide& seek, marbles, lagorio, kho and lot other games which kids today might not even have heard of. When confined to house, nintendo games were our entertainment, or simply stories from grandparents. Making paper boats , running races and so many other activities that did not involve anything but us. We were hap hap happy smiling faces. Happiness back than was not quantifiable.

Fast forward to 2016 where we are 2o something. World is a revolutionary place right now. Landlines are replaced by smartphones. Not just one but gazillions of them right out in the market at your disposal. You just have to log in to some e-commerce app on your cellphone and boom, it will do all work for you. You don’t even have to step out of your house to buy one for there is home delivery.   We are always connected to our friends via Social media sites. We know what our favorite celebs are up to. We earn 5 figure salaries. World class cuisine available in many places across the country. Fashion brands are flocking their way to our nation because we are able to afford them. Name a brand and we have it in any vertical you say. We go watch release of international movies. Some of us also are fortunate enough to have international vacations. All this and still we are not happy.

I wondered about this over days and weeks and realized why we are not happy. We see our colleague’s post on social media about dining at a fancy restaurant, we hit a like and make a mental note to go at a more expensive restaurant. And upload pictures. We buy high end vehicles on backbreaking EMIs to feel happy.  We buy first copies and we flaunt it as originals. We shell out a fortune to buy latest phones trying to satisfy our own ego.  We envy Sharmaji ka beta who is now a startup guy whose startup got funded in millions, failed and now he’s a key note speaker about failed startups. We feel we are better deserving than him. Our friend’s promotion in their office makes us furious.

And why do we do that? Cause somewhere in our mind, we have started quantifying the happiness with materialistic possession. We no more get happiness out of what we do. We get it out of how much other applaud us for it or latest gadgets, brands we have. Our hunger is now endless. We want to wear best brands, use latest phones, go to fancy hotels and update all this on social media. Having people liking us and our world made of fake gives us ego boost. We feel its happiness. It is NOT. It was never. What is latest today will become outdates tomorrow. Bubbles and hypes of today will burst in time. How long are we gonna keep doing this? This is not going to survive forever. Nor are we. We gotta STOP.

Happiness should not be based on what you possess. It should not be based on anything for that fact of matter. Have you seen your pet wagging their tail at you when you come back from work? That is happiness. Selfless happiness. Have you noticed ever, kids will always laugh when you catch them behind curtain playing hide and seek? They will be happy. Go out and see sun rising, birds singing, tress dancing. Wind flowing … All these are nature’s way to show its happiness. It looks so beautiful. Feel it. Don’t find happiness outside. It lies within you. Do any one thing that you like to do apart from your routine. It can be as simple as taking a walk. Anything you like; dancing, bathroom singing, gardening. You’ll be surprised to see how happy you feel.  Next time you see some kids on a street, get them candies. Trust me their smiles will fill your heart with joy.

If you wake up every day under roof, are able to afford meal, have water drink and have clothes to hide your nakedness, be happy. Be grateful. You are richer than 80% people on this globe. Learn this and you’ll survive and win toughest battles of life.

The pursuit of happiness starts within.


India & its OPEN minded youth

Before I start with my points; few words about this moral ass who INSPIRED me to write this article. The guy with twitter handle @kapmeht: name Kapil the IITan. First of all I don’t get the need to write that IITan in the name. Moving ahead the bio goes like this ” truly patriotic , well cultured, god Fearing guy; respects ladies beyond limit, concerned with moral degradation of youth and determined to save the youth“.  This kid definitely needs to know meanings of all words he has mentioned in the bio.  He is not just one. Moralass like him are in abundance. They have their own measures of what is right and what is wrong. They decide in their mind what people should do. They think it is their responsibility to tell others as everyone around them who doesn’t follow norms of this hypocritic society needs to learn morals.

I’m writing this for two main reasons. One is I hate moral police and I love to kick their Butts and second this moralass mentioned above was messing women whom society calls FORWARD or Independent. He picked on singer / actor Manasi Scott who happens to be a dear person.  The moralass feels tattoo; bikini; world music; sex are all against our culture. Westernisation has probably ruined India it seems.  Here are my answers to these moralasses of india.

These people say tattoo is a taboo as its against the Indian culture.  Just for your information dear moralass; tattooing is a part of ancient Indian culture.  Tattoos have been used as cultural symbols among many tribal populations, as well as the caste-based Hindu population of India.  To add a little informationTake a magnifying glass to Indian tribal traditions, and you uncover the first clues. For instance, certain tribes believe that Lord Rama’s greatest devotee, Hanuman, can be tattooed on a recurring dislocating shoulder to relieve the pain. The women of the nomadic Ribari tribe of Kutch in northwest India, one of the places the Pandavas visited during their exile, have many extremely elaborate tattoos. And the Ramnami community, scattered across the Indian states of Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, began a painful custom in the nineteenth century: they had the name of Rama in Sanskrit tattooed on practically every inch of skin, even on their tongues and inside their lips. This practice was meant to protect them from bigoted caste-conscious brahmanas they had angered by adopting brahminical customs, and is still carried on today. (Courtesy: ISKCON) So tattoo is taboo ruled OUT. 

Another thing these moralass thrive on is CULTURE.  They are according to their own selves,  well cultured.  Culture by the way means The culture of India refers to the way of life of the people , their languagesreligionsdancemusicarchitecturefood, and customs. So these guys tell women that they are cheap cause they wear clothes and speak a language of another culture as well.  And telling women cheap is so WELL CULTURED.  claps. It is also our CULTURE.  to publically abuse women who live independently.  Applause  In fact Sex is such a taboo in Indian culture in fact that we have sculptures of mythilocial figure having threesom right outside most known temples of India.  Did they forget we are second most populated country in the world by THE GRACE OF GOD.  Also if anyone of you is into music; kindly explain these guys that music has no language; no borders and that is why we have had music gurus like late Pt. Ravi Shankar, Pt. Jasraj, Pr. Haripasad Chaurasiya and many more presenting our CULTURE across the globe. 

Respecting women: We Indians are same people who treat women as goddess at temples  and rape that woman as soon as we are out of temple. We respect them so much that we feel its OK to beat them up anytime we want. We also respect them so much that we sell them off to red light area agents.  We respect women so much that we decide it all for them right from what to wear whom to talk to how to behave. NO one in the world has authority to decide for them. If you respect women dear moralass; respect the choices she makes for be it clothing; tattooing or anything for that fact of matter.

Indian youth; for these guys is morally degraded. Why? Answer is simple. Youth is miles away from these shitty prejudice. We do what we feel is right. We don’t find it wrong to discuss about sex in public. Moralasses say talking or thinking sex is taboo. The reason for this thought is that they never get to do i and so they feel its wrong.  Oh yeah; their parents downloaded them from Google. Krishan kare to raas-leela hum karein to character dheela.  Alcohol is also bad. So bad that if we pick up books about our culture there are references of goddamn gods having SOMRAS. Just a flavored drink you see. Its WEST that brought alcohol we didn’t know of it before other colonies came to India.

This hypocrisy needs to tackled. These morals goons need to be taught a lesson. they need to be told that our respect for our culture is definitely cannot be measured by language we speak or clothes we wear. If you find any moral ass around you just bring them to public eyes. You can tweet about it using #moralass. We will kick their butts.